Why Your Cat Is Aggressive

Your cat Isis has turned into a feline dictator who rules her kingdom with an iron paw. Isis terrorizes your German shepherd dog Max, lurking just out of sight and clawing at Max’s nose when he passes by. Isis also bullies your other cat Samantha, dominating Sam’s food and water bowls and attacking when her poor housemate tries to eat. Isis lies in wait for you and your family, too, and you’ve got the deep red scratch marks to prove it. Fortunately, your Farmington Hills veterinarian is well equipped to pinpoint the cause of Isis’ aggression and develop a strategy to eliminate her unacceptable behavior.


Playground Bully

Perhaps Isis has never really outgrown her playground bully stage. Isis probably didn’t get enough discipline from her mother, which might have occurred if Isis was abandoned or orphaned. If Isis came from a breeder, maybe she was weaned much too early in an effort to speed up her development process. Isis might be stuck in her kittenhood hunting phase, stalking and pouncing on everything that moves through her hunting ground. To stop this carnage, give Isis some prey-like cat toys, or introduce a laser toy. Don’t play aggressively with Isis, or punish her for her actions, as that will likely make her behavior worse.


Perennial Status Seeker

Clearly, Isis thinks (or knows) she’s at the top of your household pecking order, which obviously includes Sam and might include Max and your human family members. Each time Isis interacts with a feline housemate, she reasserts her superiority. You can become the referee here, giving each cat their own closed-off room containing food, water, and a litter box. Lavish attention on Isis while you visit her royal sanctuary. Ask your vet how to reintroduce Isis to her feline housemate, but don’t expect any quick fixes.


Substitute Aggression

If Isis sees a cat through the window, and she can’t go out and teach him a lesson, she’ll target the first family member she finds. You can short-circuit this behavior by closing the door to that room, or drawing the window’s drapes, so Isis can’t see the offender. Get out of the room, and take your other pets and humans with you, until Isis calms down.


Finally, make some video recordings of Isis’ tantrums. This concrete evidence provides your Farmington Hills vet with the information he needs to help Isis adopt less aggressive behaviors.

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