Maintaining Your Hamster’s Dental Health

For hamster owners, keeping up good dental hygiene and preventing issues before they arise is far easier and cheaper than treating them after the fact. Want to know how to keep your hamster’s teeth and gums healthy? Read on below as a Livonia vet tells you how.

Weekly Dental Check

Every week, sit down with your hamster to check out his mouth. Gently pull back the flaps of skin around the neck. This move should cause your hamster to expose the teeth. Examine the teeth and gums, looking for any redness, inflammation, swelling, bleeding, or anything else that looks abnormal. Keep your vet’s number on hand to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Watch for Behavioral Indicators

Keep an eye on your hamster’s behavior. This is one of the best indicators of an oral issue. Do you notice your hamster not eating? Does he seem more skittish than usual? Changes like this could be indicative of a dental problem or an issue with overall health. You’ll want to check with your veterinarian to get a professional opinion.


Your hamster’s diet is important for his overall health and is especially necessary for dental hygiene. Feed your pet a high-quality hamster diet, available in pet supply shops and retail stores. Make sure it has the proper balances of nutrients that your pet needs—if you’re unsure what you’re looking for, call your vet for help.

Chew Toys

Good hardwood chew toys and other gnawing items are great for keeping your hamster’s teeth filed down a bit. Plus, they’re much safer for your hamster than chewing on the wire mesh edges of his cage. Visit your local pet store to pick up some good-quality toys for your hamster’s enjoyment.

Veterinary Tooth-Trims

Hamsters’ teeth need to remain at a certain length; if they get too long they’ll start to cause pain and other problems. While proper chew toys help keep the teeth filed down, every once in a while your hamster may benefit from a proper veterinary tooth trimming session. It’s quick and painless, so set up an appointment with your Livonia veterinarian today!

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