Vaccinations for Kitten

It’s Immunization Awareness Month—are you familiar with the vaccinations your kitten needs to live a long, healthy life? Learn the basics about what your kitten needs by reading your Farmington Hills veterinarian’s advice, found below.

What Core Vaccines Does My Kitten Need?

Core vaccines are those that are considered necessary for all cats due to the dangerous, contagious, or common nature of the disease they’re protecting against. They’re legally required in many areas. In most cases, your vet will administer your kitten’s core vaccines in a batch. They probably include the rhinotracheitis vaccine, the calicivirus vaccine, the panleukopenia vaccine, and the rabies shot.

Does My Kitten Need Non-Core Vaccines?

Depending on your kitten’s exposure risk, location, environment, and health, she may require other non-core vaccines. Some examples of these include the Bordetella, feline leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency vaccines. Your best bet is to ask your vet about these immunizations and if your kitten would benefit from their protection.

When Do Vaccines Need Updated?

The majority of your kitten’s vaccinations will need yearly updates, usually administered at your cat’s yearly check-up. Some shots, like the rabies vaccine, only need updating every three years or so. Again, consult your veterinary professional for exact details and to set up a proper schedule for re-vaccinations.

Does the Procedure Hurt my Kitten?

Not in the least. Immunizations are given via subcutaneous injection, meaning it’s a simple shot. Your kitty will feel a slight pinch, much like we do when receiving a shot, and then it will be over.

How Do I Get My Kitten Started?

Make an appointment at your Farmington Hills vet’s office today. He or she can fill you in on what your kitten needs, how often the shots will need updating, and what to do if you see any side effects. Vaccinations are one of the absolute best things you can do for your cat’s health throughout her life, so don’t delay!

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