Getting Your Puppy Used to His Collar

Is your puppy approaching the age where he’s ready to take longer walks? Of course, he’ll need to wear a collar. Use your Farmington Hills vet’s advice on getting your pup used to his new accessory.

Picking a Great Collar

First off, you’ll need to pick the appropriate collar. Measure your dog’s neck or, if possible, take your pooch with you to the store. Pick out a sturdy collar that will fit your dog’s neck easily. If necessary, ask your vet to recommend a good brand and type before deciding on your purchase.

Introduce Collar

When you first bring your pup’s new collar home, simply lay it on the floor around your dog’s bedding, toys, and food dishes. This way, he can get used to the smell and sight of the item before he’s wearing it. Once your pup seems to be okay with it, you’re ready to move on.

Start Gradually

Attach the collar to your dog’s neck carefully and let him wear it for a small amount of time. Take it off after about 10 minutes, and repeat this process a few times a day for several days. Gradually increase the time you leave the collar on, and your dog should soon get the hang of wearing it for extended periods of time!

Be Persistent

Many puppies whine and scratch at the collar when they’re first getting used to it. Don’t immediately take it off, because it’ll only let your pup know that his complaining gets the collar taken off. Be persistent and keep the collar on, only taking it off if your puppy is demonstrating real signs of distress, discomfort, or pain.

Try Distractions

Many puppies, due to their easily-excitable nature, can effectively be distracted from the collar they’re wearing! Try playing with your dog and using toys and treats to make him forget about that pesky thing around his neck.

Still having trouble getting your puppy used to his collar? Don’t hesitate to contact your Farmington Hills veterinary professional. He or she can offer more great tips, or put you in touch with a certified animal trainer that can help.

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