Pet Safety for Autumn

With the changing temperatures and colors of autumn come a few critical pet hazards to be aware of. This year, make sure your furry friend stays out of harm’s way by avoiding the following fall-time hazards:


Since it’s getting cooler outside, many critters like to seek warmth inside our homes. Homeowners commonly use pesticides and rodenticides to combat insects and field mice from taking up residence, but remember that these substances are toxic to pets as well. Place all chemical traps with extreme caution, and make sure your cat or dog doesn’t have access. Ask your Farmington Hills veterinarian about pet-safe alternative options to try out.

Toxic Mushrooms

A very small percentage of wild mushrooms are toxic—while it’s unlikely that your pet will chow down on a dangerous one, why take the risk? Keep your pet away from any and all mushrooms growing in your yard, and ask your vet about known toxic plants and fungi that grow in your area.

Wild Animals

Certain wild animals are particularly active in the fall, including snakes who are preparing to hibernate for the cold wintertime. They’re especially irritable this time of year, so make sure your pet doesn’t run across one. Keep them away from thick underbrush, tall grasses, and forested areas where snakes might like to hide out.


Potpourri is common this time of year, and while it may not seem particularly hazardous, it can be quite dangerous if a pet decides to chow down. The strong smells may attract some pets and entice them to try nibbling on it. Dried potpourri may contain toxic plants, and could become a choking hazard. Liquid potpourri can make a pet sick or even cause chemical burn. If you set up this common holiday decoration, make sure your pets can’t get anywhere near it.


Antifreeze, which many car owners add to their cars in the fall, contains an alcoholic substance called ethylene glycol. This material is highly toxic to pets and even has a sweet taste that attracts pets. Use antifreeze carefully, and clean up any spills right away. Keep your Farmington Hills veterinarian’s number close by to call if your pet does accidentally ingest some.

Ask your vet for more great autumn safety tips to keep your pet happy and healthy this year.

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