Common Halloween Pet Hazards

As Halloween time approaches, make sure your pet is ready. After all, this time of year presents a slew of pet hazards that you should be aware of! Here, a Livonia vet discusses some of the most common in more detail.

The Doorbell

The doorbell is perhaps the most common hazard around this holiday, namely on trick-or-treat night. Since many pets get quite excited by the sound of the doorbell, it can be overwhelming and exhausting when it rings over and over again! Plus, a pet could dart out the door when you open it for trick-or-treaters. It may be necessary to keep excitable pets secured elsewhere, perhaps in an upstairs room.


Dressing your pet up in their very own Halloween costume this year? It will certainly be adorable, but make sure your pet will stay comfortable. Pets can get very agitated by wearing clothing, especially if it fits tightly or awkwardly. Also make sure your pet’s costume doesn’t contain any small pieces that could be choked on.


It’s hard to think of any time of year when chocolate treats are so abundantly found. As you probably know, all types of chocolate are very bad for our four-legged companions. Eating too much will result in vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and worse if left untreated, so keep your pet’s access to chocolate strictly prohibited.


Many types of candies, gum, and baked goods are sweetened with an artificial sugar called xylitol. It’s okay for humans but very toxic for pets, inducing vomiting, diarrhea, and tremors. Keep your pet’s paws out of the trick-or-treat bowl by keeping a close eye on it and restricting your pet’s access. Store all candies and gums in sealed containers that pets can’t get into.

Holiday Decorations

Do you have lit pumpkins set up around the house? Make sure your pet can’t bump into them, potentially burning themselves or even starting a fire. Also make sure your pet doesn’t decide to chow down on pumpkins or decorative holiday corn—while they aren’t particularly toxic, they’ll give your pet an upset stomach at the very least.

Call your Livonia veterinarian for more great Halloween safety tips. With a little preparation, this holiday can remain spooky but safe!

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