Why Adopt an Older Pet?

If you’re considering getting a new dog or cat, don’t think that a puppy or kitten are your only choices. There are many great reasons to adopt an older animal—here, your Farmington Hills vet tells you about a few.

Energy Level

Generally, older pets don’t have the boundless energy that a younger animal does. If you’re not interested in keeping up with the antics of a newborn puppy or kitten, consider an older pet. They’ll be more relaxed and will probably prefer cuddling up with you or going on leisurely walks than romping around all day and night.

Attention Level

Suppose you want to teach an older animal some new commands or tricks. You’ll probably have an easier time of it than with a puppy or kitten, simply because an older animal has the focus to pay attention. Even if older animals didn’t grow up knowing the particular command or trick, it’s perfectly plausible to teach an older dog new tricks!

Bad Behavior

A new puppy is bound to chew up furniture, shoes, purses, and anything else he can get his paws on. Kittens may eliminate outside of the litter box or keep you up at night whining. Older pets generally won’t have these problems, assuming they’ve been properly raised and socialized before they’ve entered your home. This way, you don’t have to worry about the destructive behavior that is likely to come with a younger animal.


If you’re adopting an older animal, it’s likely they’ve already spent time living with humans. As such, they’re socialized to us and know how to live appropriately with people. You don’t have to teach them what is okay and what’s not okay, where to go to the bathroom, and not to bark at every little noise. Many older pets might already be trained with various commands, so they come hardwired with “sit” or “stay” training ahead of time.

Call your Farmington Hills veterinary professional to find out more advantages of owning and adopting an older pet, and ask about adoption shelters in your area.

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