Adopting a Senior Cat

Older kitties make wonderful, loving pets, yet they are often passed over in favor of kittens. We would never deny that kittens have amazing powers of cute, but senior cats have their own charms. In this article, your local vet Livonia goes over some advantages of adopting a senior cat.

No ‘Terrible Twos’

This may not have been scientifically proven, but it’s quite possible that a kitten’s cuteness is directly proportional to their rambunctiousness. Kittens may be adorable, but that playful energy can also get them into quite a bit of trouble! Appliances, unsecured windows, plastic bags, strings, ropes, toxic plants, and household cleaners are just a few of the dangers a curious little furball might try to explore. Kittens are also known for being super playful, which can translate into some painful scratches during Fluffy’s learning phase. Senior cats are much less likely to run up the drapes or shower curtains, jump into an open dryer, or pounce on your foot as you’re walking past.

A Calmer Pet

Adult cats can be just as cute as kittens in their own way! Senior kitties may be much more interested in dozing in a sunbeam or curling up in your lap. If you’re a quiet type, you may really appreciate the distinguished presence of a calm, quiet older feline.

What You See Is What You Get

Cats can sometimes look and behave quite differently as adults than they do when they’re little. By choosing an adult cat, you know what your cat is going to look like full-grown, and you can get a pretty good idea of your kitty’s personality just by spending a bit of quiet time with her.

Save A Life

If you’re torn between a kitten and an older cat, keep in mind that the little one is much more likely to find a home. Senior cats may have limited time to find a furever home, and have a much harder time getting adopted. Knowing that you’ve saved an animal’s life can be a very powerful experience, and will create a special bond with you and your new furball.

Fewer Start-Up Costs and Care

Older cats are more likely to already be fixed, and often require less vaccinations than a kitten would. Senior cats that have been pets previously will also generally already be trained. Fluffy will know what to do with the litterbox, and may already understand what constitutes good kitty manners.

Please contact us with any questions about caring for a senior cat. As your local vet Livonia, we are happy to help.

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