Kitty’s Bag of Tricks – 5 Super Cute Ways Your Cat Gets Your Attention

Does your cat communicate with you? Our feline friends are quite interactive. Kitty might meow in greeting when you come home. She may also show her affection by snuggling up to you at night or purring loudly when you pet or cuddle her. Our feline friends definitely have some very adorable ways of getting you to focus on them! The meow is of course very effective, but our furry buddies have many other ways to get our attention. In fact, Kitty’s got quite the repertoire of tricks! In this article, your Livonia veterinarian lists some super cute ways your cat gets your attention.

Weave and Trip

Does Kitty sometimes run right out in front of you, or try to weave between your legs as you’re walking? This is a definite indication that your furball wants attention … or food!

Paw Smack

Every morning, all over the world, kitties hop up onto their humans’ beds and deliver a rousing wakeup call … often in the form of a gentle slap. This trick, known as the Paw Smack, is one of Fluffy’s most effective tactics. Chances are, you’ll crawl out of your warm comfy bed to feed your furball!

Chair Snag

Has your feline friend ever beat you to your seat? This, too, is in Kitty’s repertoire of tricks. Chances are, whenever this happens, you’ll find Fluffy gazing up at you with an innocent look that is irresistibly adorable. If you can’t withstand the cute, you’ll pick her up and cuddle her, which is probably what she wanted in the first place!

Leg Rub

Isn’t it cute when Fluffy rubs against your legs? Actually, this isn’t an entirely affectionate habit. Kitty is ‘claiming’ you, in a way: when she does this, some of her natural scent will rub off onto you. That said, kitties often use this adorable move to get picked up and cuddled, or to get their bowls refilled.

Face Bump

Does your kitty often interrupt you while you’re reading to rub her cute little face against yours? The Face Bump is often accompanied by loud purring, and it’s almost impossible to resist!

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