Ways to Help Promote Animal Welfare

Are you an animal lover? Do you hate seeing sad animal stories on the news? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably yes! Two things all of us here at your Livonia veterinary clinic have in common is our love for animals and desire to help them. Below, you’ll read about some great ways to promote animal welfare.

Speak Up

If you see an animal that needs help, reach out to authorities and animal welfare groups and alert them to the situation. If needed, you should be able to provide your information anonymously, which will lower or eliminate the risk of retaliation from a belligerent owner.

Teach Your Children

Take time to teach your children that animals should be treated with love, kindness, and respect. When your child is mature enough to handle the responsibility, consider getting them a pet so they can experience the gift of an animal’s love. You can also spread the message unobtrusively by showing a heartwarming animal movie the next time you host a slumber party, or organizing a kids’ trip to the zoo.


Overpopulation is a huge contributing factor to animal neglect and abuse. Sure, your furkid’s babies will be adorable, but there are no guarantees they or their own offspring will lead happy lives. Spay or neuter your pet, and support TNR programs.


Do you have some spare time? Why not volunteer at a local shelter or animal rescue? Your time will be well spent! It’s a very rewarding feeling to know that you’ve done something positive. Chances are, you’ll feel great about helping such a great cause!


Animal welfare organizations are often very strapped for resources, and many run on shoestring budgets. If money is tight, there are other ways to help. Consider organizing a yard sale, bake sale, or supply drive to benefit a shelter or rescue group, or donate unwanted items to auctions that support animal-related charities.


Do you know of a great animal welfare group that is working hard to make a difference? Have you seen a social media post about an animal in desperate need of a good home? Did one of your friends post a heartwarming meme about adopting senior pets? Sharing these stories can save an animal’s life!

Does your furbaby need veterinary care? Contact us, your Livonia vet clinic. We are here to help!

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