Your Dog’s Regular Walks Provide Surprising Benefits

Your retriever mix Baxter has turned into a walking fanatic. Each day, you take this rambunctious four-year-old pooch on two long treks through your neighborhood. He visits with several buddies, and completes his important business, before reluctantly heading for home. Shortly afterward, he begins hounding you for another excursion. Your Livonia veterinarian is pleased that Baxter enjoys his regular jaunts, as they help strengthen his muscles and keep him flexible. He also receives other concrete benefits.

Improved Digestion, Healthier Weight

Baxter’s digestive system has always had some quirks, and he occasionally experiences constipation. Although your vet monitors these conditions, regular exercise can assist in stabilizing your dog’s bodily functions. Since he’s prone to weight gain, consistent brisk walks burn calories and help his scale number to stay in the healthy range.

Higher Self-Confidence

Two years ago, you met Baxter at your town’s animal shelter. A painfully timid young dog, he was afraid to greet you in the facility’s exercise yard. He also seemed extremely nervous around his shelter mates. After you adopted this affectionate companion, you spent many hours making him more confident and sociable at home.

To introduce your dog to the larger community, you took him on numerous walks and dog park visits. At the farmer’s market, you gave him lots of “meet and greet” opportunities with friendly humans and canines. Gradually, your quiet, introverted dog transformed into a super-sociable pooch. Now, he runs full speed into situations that would have previously sent him diving under the couch.

Essential Obedience Skills

Not surprisingly, clever Baxter was also undisciplined; and he easily became bored. Unfortunately, he settled on chewing your furniture and baseboards into scraps of fabric and wood. He also enjoyed leaping on visitors while greeting them, a behavior that nixed most of your social invitations.

Now desperate, you booked your seventy-pound wrecking ball into a basic obedience class. He seemed relieved to get some discipline, and effortlessly graduated with that valued Course Completion Certificate. Now, his neighborhood walks are fun experiences rather than ordeals. His social calendar is brimming with activities; and your new furniture and baseboards are intact.

Your Livonia veterinarian marveled at Baxter’s transformation into a fun-loving, obedient dog. You know his regular walks provided the impetus for this positive change. To give your canine housemate an exercise program, contact us for expert assistance.

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