Give Your Senior Cat the Pampered Life He Deserves

Your ten-year-old cat Domino occupies a privileged position within your house. This striking black-and-white feline housemate gets his meals first, making your two younger cats and your dog line up behind him. He has convinced your family to buy him a specially designed senior cat bed, along with several especially enticing cat toys. You’d like your feisty senior housemate to remain healthy, so your Livonia vet provides him with regular physical checkups. She has also prescribed a targeted senior cat diet.

Tailored Senior Diet

Although some senior cats lose weight, Domino has actually packed on some pounds as he has gotten older. Since the vet wants your feline companion to escape weight-related medical problems, she’ll launch a plan to lower that stubborn scale number.

The vet will determine your cat’s nutritional needs and regular exercise habits. Next, she’ll design a weight loss program that should achieve success. Track your cat’s weight daily with a scale that registers even tiny changes. If you notice an unexplained decrease, ask your vet to investigate a possible emerging medical condition.

Daily Grooming Appointments

Even your no-nonsense cat Domino thrives on regular grooming sessions. Each morning, he jumps into your lap for a half-hour of blissful brushing. While you spiff up his coat, you gather excess fur that could form hairballs.

Regular brushing also enhances his circulation and stimulates his skin. Together, these benefits promote better coat health. If he has abandoned his scratching post, gently trim your cat’s nails.

Stealth Physical Exam

Without your cat’s knowledge, you conduct a mini-physical exam during each brushing session. As you move your hands over his skin and coat, you look and feel for anything strange. If you encounter something unusual, take him to the vet for further investigation.

Minimum-Stress Lifestyle

Domino would like you to arrange a low-stress lifestyle for him. If you can’t avoid disrupting his normal routine, lavish extra attention to soothe his nerves. Before you leave for a vacation or business trip, ask a familiar family member, friend, or neighbor to spoil your cat in their home. Above all, don’t annoy him by bringing home another pet while he’s in charge.

Your Livonia vet will give Domino regular physical exams, preferably twice yearly. She’ll also diagnose and treat developing medical conditions. To provide your senior cat with excellent care, contact us for an appointment.

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