Convince Your Dog to Stop Chomping on the Furniture

Your Labrador retriever Charlie has become an accomplished canine gourmand. This four-year-old pooch savors his top-quality diet, and he occasionally snatches some steak or lobster. You’ve even seen him destroy a shrimp appetizer platter, balancing on his hind legs at the kitchen counters. However, you’re annoyed at his latest choice of meals. For two days, your industrious dog has been gnawing on your upholstered couch. He has turned the colorful fabric cushions and white stuffing into piles of scraps. He’s eyeing up the loveseat and chair. Yes, his chewing habit scrubs his choppers. However, these undesirable antics must stop. Tomorrow, Charlie will visit your Livonia, MI vet for a physical exam and behavioral counseling.

Banish Your Canine Criminal

Make the crime scene off limits by closing that room’s door. If that’s not feasible, create a jury-rigged barrier across the doorway. However, realize that your determined eighty-pound pooch will likely thwart your efforts, knocking the obstacle aside and heading for the couch.

Perhaps your refined companion enjoys fine literature for dessert. If so, place your books and magazines on higher shelves. If he prefers fine footwear, stash the expensive shoes in an inaccessible closet.

Unpleasant Dining Experience

If Charlie’s fixated on the furniture, give him the worst dining experience he’s ever had. Buy a vet-recommended chewing deterrent, and spray this horrible-tasting liquid on or near your dog’s current targets.

Lure him into licking a deterrent-saturated paper towel. After he stops shuddering with horror, he’ll likely make the connection between the two nasty substances.

Desirable Alternatives

Give Charlie’s choppers a more acceptable target. Buy several “indestructible” chew toys. If your dog’s diet includes snacks, pack a treat puzzle with kibbles or coveted peanut butter. If he thrives on tug-of-war games, purchase a sturdy two-way pull toy that will work his impressive jaws.

Exercise and Obedience Training

Maybe your energetic dog needs more constructive activity. Provide additional daily exercise, such as brisk neighborhood walks and dog park runs. An obedience training class will teach him who’s in charge; and he’ll learn to respond to basic commands. If he previously completed a course, he clearly needs a refresher. Hopefully, he’ll be too worn out to attack the furniture.

Ask your Livonia, MI vet how to prevent Charlie’s chewing when he’s alone. To stop your dog from destroying the furniture, contact us for expert advice.

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