Give Your Cat a Special “Home Alone” Experience

Your newly adopted cat Lucy is up to her ears in enjoyment. Last week, you brought this gorgeous girl home from your town’s animal shelter. You took several days’ vacation to help your new feline housemate adjust to your home’s routine. Now that you’re returning to work, you want Lucy to enjoy herself while she’s home alone. During her recent new patient exam, your Livonia, MI veterinarian recommended several activities your lucky cat should enjoy. You’ve also added a few ideas.

Mellow Background Music

Soothing soft music will provide a nice backdrop to Lucy’s daily activities. Consider classical songs, which seem to calm nervous animals better than many other genres. Sweet-sounding melodies, played by pianos and/or strings, are ideal. Stay away from pieces featuring loud instruments, such as ringing trumpets and thundering drums. If classical music doesn’t excite you, a yoga or meditation playlist might work.

Nicely Equipped Feline Gym

If Lucy stays active, she’s more likely to remain healthy. Buy (or build) her a multilevel cat tower that features several carpeted observation platforms. Make sure her feline gym also includes a cozy enclosed sleeping cubby. By adding a scratching post, along with dangling feathered toys, you’ll give her several ways to exercise her claws.

Chances are, your cat’s portable amusement park fits easily into a convenient corner. If she’s a confirmed birdwatcher, place the cat tree in the best viewing spot.

Tasty Treat Puzzles

Lucy’s a clever girl who appreciates a good mental challenge. Buy her one or more treat puzzles, and fill each one with tasty vet-approved snacks. Your cat must release a catch, or move the toy a specific way, to access her prize. Besides giving her mind a good workout, this task increases her coordination and muscle strength.

Fun-Loving Feline Companion

Your friendly feline companion would probably love a compatible playmate. If your home (and budget) can handle another cat, the two pals will likely amuse themselves all day.

Before visiting the animal shelter, though, ask the vet if your companion will likely accept someone new in “her” territory. If he gives the green light, consider taking Lucy along on your adoption trip.

When Lucy next visits your Livonia, MI veterinarian, she’ll be a well-adjusted cat who thoroughly enjoys her time alone. To help your cat adapt to a solitary lifestyle, contact us for expert advice.

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