Autumn Hazards for Pets

Well, summer is officially coming to a close. Soon the temperatures will drop, and the leaves will start to change. Fall is certainly a beautiful time, but it does bring some specific hazards for our furry friends. Below, a Livonia, MI vet discusses autumn hazards for pets.


Many people apply rodenticides, fertilizer, or pesticides to their properties in fall. These chemicals can be very dangerous for your four-legged buddy! Keep your furball away from any harmful traps or chemicals.

Back To School Blues

Glue sticks, scissors, and plastic bags can all be dangerous to pets. Fido also could chew on a pencil, or even eat an eraser! Be sure to keep those school supplies well out of paws’ reach!


Autumn is a peak time for mushrooms. Toxic mushrooms can be very, very dangerous to your four-legged friend. When walking your dog, don’t let him eat wild mushrooms.


In autumn, many snakes are preparing to hibernate. This can make for some grumpy reptiles, and increases the risk of your pet being bitten. Keep Fido away from piles of leaves, wood, or debris.

Engine Coolant

Many people change their radiator fluid in autumn. This can be very dangerous to your furry friend! Coolant is highly toxic to animals, but unfortunately, has a taste that many pets find appealing. Make sure to mop up any spills immediately, and use kitty litter or sand to cover damp stains.

Heating Devices

Fido and Fluffy can burn themselves on open flames, or knock small space heaters over. Keep your pet’s safety in mind as you bring out the space heaters or prepare your fireplace or woodstove, and use every possible precaution.


Halloween decorations are a classic part of American autumns, but holiday apparel and décor can be very dangerous to your four-legged buddy. Make sure not to use anything that could choke or entangle your pet. If you can’t resist burning some apple or pumpkin candles, put them in high, secure spots where your furkid can’t reach them.


Fido and Fluffy can get allergies, too! Autumn is a prime time for allergies in both people and pets. If you know or suspect that your furball has allergies, contact your vet for assistance.

Do you have any questions about your pet’s health, care, or behavior? Call us! As your Livonia, MI veterinary clinic, we are here to help.

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