Caring for Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one cat? There are few things cuter than seeing two kitties snuggled up together for a nap! Not all cats immediately become best buds, however. It can take time and patience, and a bit of careful pet parenting, to keep things running smoothly in a multiple cat household. Below, a Livonia, MI veterinarian offers some sound advice on caring for more than one feline.


First impressions are a very big deal to our feline friends. When bringing a new cat into your home, keep the newcomer separated from other cats at first, and make introductions slowly and carefully, over the course of several days.

Equal Attention

Fluffy certainly does have a jealous streak. Make sure to pay all of your kitties equal attention. Group play sessions can burn excess energy and ease tension, which will both help your furballs learn to get along.

Safe Havens

Make sure that your home offers plenty of hiding spots for your feline friends. You can get kitty tunnels or condos, or go the DIY route and make pet tents out of an old tee shirt and a wire hangar. Even boxes and paper grocery bags will do.

Toy Variety

Just like people, kitties all have their own unique personalities and tastes. Your cats won’t all like or dislike the same things. Fluffy might love chasing a laser pointer, while Mittens may prefer a wand toy. Be sure to offer a variety of entertainment options to keep all of your furballs happy.

Litter Boxes

Cats don’t like to share bathrooms. We recommend having one litter box per kitty, plus at least one extra. Be sure to keep all of the boxes clean by scooping them out daily.


Choosing the right flooring can help keep your home looking and smelling fresh, even with several kitties in residence. Avoid carpet, and choose laminate or hardwood flooring. We also recommend that you dust and vacuum at least once a week.

Wellness Care

Keep your kitties on the same schedule for parasite control and veterinary appointments. It’s also very important to make sure that all of your furballs are spayed or neutered, and are current on all recommended vaccinations. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do you have questions about cat care? Please contact us, your Livonia, MI vet clinic, for all of your cats’ veterinary care needs.

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