Pet Food Safety Tips

Pet food recalls are unfortunately not uncommon in this day and age. While there is progress being made in pet food regulations, the quality of many products that are made for our furry friends is not very strictly monitored. While there is no way to completely guarantee that any specific product will always be safe, there are some precautions you can take to help keep your furbaby from ingesting tainted food. In this article, a Livonia, MI vet offers some helpful pet food safety tips.

Choose High Quality Brands

When choosing food for your furry pal, always get the best food you can afford. We know, choosing pet foods can be quite confusing! Many pet food manufacturers use slick marketing gimmicks to make their products seem like the best option, even when they aren’t. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Monitor Pet Product Recalls

There are a few different ways to monitor recalls on pet food and treats. The Humane Society website, which can be found here, is one good option. You can also get updated information about recalled food and treats on the FDA website here. Another option is to sign up for emailed recall alerts, which you can do at various online sites.

Practice Good Hygiene

Be sure to clean your furball’s dishes and dining area frequently to keep harmful bacteria from forming in or near your pet’s food. The cracks and ridges in old plastic can harbor germs, so if your furry pal has plastic dishes, replace them when they start looking worn. Also, be sure to dispose of uneaten food quickly, before it can go bad. If you’re storing leftover canned food, keep it in the fridge so it doesn’t spoil.

Don’t Take Chances

Always inspect your furry buddy’s food before handing it over. If you notice discoloration or bad odors, or find a foreign object in your pet’s food, discontinue use of the product immediately and notify the FDA. A swollen or leaking container is another red flag.

What To Do If Your Pet Reacts

If you know or suspect that your pet has ingested an unsafe or recalled item, or is having a bad reaction to a specific food, toy, or treat, contact your vet right away.

Do you have questions about your pet’s diet or care? We can help! Please contact us, your local Livonia, MI vet clinic, anytime.

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