How to Keep Fluffy from Knocking Over the Christmas Tree

The holiday season brings many wonderful traditions, such as food, gifts, carols, and decorations. Fluffy knocking the Christmas tree over is also an annual tradition! Unfortunately, there’s no way to make a Christmas tree completely cat-proof. However, we do have some tips that just might help you keep your tree standing through the holidays. In this article, a Livonia, MI veterinarian offers advice on how to keep your cat from destroying your tree.


The odds of a wobbly tree withstanding the efforts of a frisky feline are definitely not in your favor! Choose a tree with a good, sturdy base. Try using fishing wire to secure the very top of the tree to the wall or ceiling. It won’t show, but will add extra support!


Giving Fluffy a convenient launch pad is just asking for trouble! Put your tree in a corner, in a spot that doesn’t offer easy access from a sofa or other piece of furniture.


When you see Fluffy sniffing around the tree, squirt her with water from a spray bottle, or make a loud noise to deter her. If this doesn’t work, try getting a kitty-repelling product, like bitter apple spray, from a local pet store.


When you put your tree up, leave it bare for a few days to give your furball time to get used to it. A brand new tree (cat tower) decorated with lots of pretty ornaments (toys) may just be too much for Fluffy to resist! When you do decorate the tree, put most of the ornaments on the top half of the tree.

Choose Artificial Trees

Real trees can be very tempting to our feline friends! Artificial trees, however, are often held together with wire that doesn’t really lend itself to getting scratched or climbed.


Always put Fluffy’s safety first! Avoid using tinsel, as it can be very harmful to kitties if swallowed. We also recommend staying away from glass ornaments. If you use a real tree, be sure that Fluffy can’t drink the water, as it could be toxic to her. Last but not least, don’t leave ornament hooks lying around.

All of us here at your Livonia, MI vet clinic want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Please reach out to us if ever we can be of assistance.

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