3 Ways to Keep Your Cat at a Healthy Weight

Feline obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the US. By some estimates, well over half of our pet cats are obese or overweight! Chubby kitties may be cute, but they’re also at risk of developing many dangerous health problems. Heart disease, liver problems, kidney trouble, bone and joint issues, and respiratory problems are just a few of the medical problems overweight cats face. If your kitty is obese, ask your vet for nutritional counseling. If your feline buddy is still at or near her ideal weight, you’ll want to keep her that way. A Livonia, MI vet explains how to do that in this article.

Feed Properly

Your cat’s diet plays a huge role in both her weight and her overall health. Feed your furry friend the best food you can afford, but don’t overindulge her with fattening snacks. Keep an eye on Fluffy’s portion sizes: giving your kitty just a few calories too many each day can cause your pet to pack on a pound a year. That’s a lot for a cat! It’s also worth noting that, because many dry pet food formulas are high in carbs, kitties that get only dry food may be more prone to gaining weight than those who eat wet food. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Play Time

We know, life can be pretty hectic, but carving out a few minutes a day to play with your cat will benefit both of you. The exercise Fluffy gets from pouncing on that catnip mouse or chasing that little red dot may be the only activity she gets, and will help keep her healthy, happy, and purring. Plus. it’s fun for you, too! It’s hard not to giggle when watching a frisky furball chasing after her toys.

Entertaining The Furball

As we all know, cats are rather sleepy little furballs. Your drowsy pet could spend up to 20 hours a day napping. When she’s awake, Fluffy will want something to do, even if it’s just watching birds. This is relevant because, just like people, cats sometimes snack when they’re bored. Don’t let your furball’s 24/7 buffet become her main form of entertainment! Make sure your kitty has plenty of toys to keep her amused.

Do you know or suspect that your cat is overweight? We can help! Call us, your Livonia, MI animal clinic, today.

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