DIY Bunny Toys

Do you have a bunny? If so, you have a super cute pet! Bunnies aren’t difficult to care for, though they do have some specific needs. One thing that is very important is making sure that Floppy has plenty of fun toys to play with, including lots of chewable playthings. You can buy some adorable toys for your pet, but you can also make your own out of common household items. A Livonia, MI vet offers some great ideas for DIY bunny toys in this article.

Cardboard Tubes

The cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls can make all sorts of cute bunny toys. Cut one into rings, and reassemble the rings around a yummy tidbit, so that it forms a ball. Or, just fill one with fresh hay, and fold the edges shut, so Floppy has to chew her way to her snack. Another option is to fill a shoebox with these rolls, and drop treats into a few of them. Look online for more fun ideas.

Foraging Fun

Stuff a paper lunch bag with fresh herbs. You can also fill a paper bag or shallow cardboard box with crumpled-up paper balls.

Paper Toys

Make little shapes out of plain paper for Floppy to play with. Many bunnies enjoy just playing with a pile of plain, shredded paper. You can also fold a piece of paper around a small snack.

Hanging Toys

Hang a piece of twine between two chairs, and then use clothespins to hang some leafy greens from it. This can keep your cute pet occupied for quite a while!

Digging Box

Many bunnies like to dig. Get a shallow plastic storage tote, and fill it with shredded paper. Hide a few toys under the paper to make it even more fun for your adorable furball.

Obstacle Courses

Build a little obstacle course for your furry pal. You can use footstools or sturdy boxes.


Always put your pet’s safety first when choosing toys. Never give Floppy anything with small pieces or sharp edges that could cut or choke her. You’ll also want to avoid anything that has been covered with varnish, glitter, paint, or dye. Bunnyproofing is also very important. Ask your vet for more specific recommendations.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your bunny’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Livonia, MI animal hospital, anytime.

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