What to Do If Your Pocket Pet Escapes

Do you have a mouse, rat, gerbil, hamster, or Guinea pig? These small furballs are super cute, and have many great qualities that make them wonderful pets. However, some of these adorable pets are quite talented escape artists. Many people who own pocket pets have faced that horrible moment of realizing that their furry buddy’s cage is empty. While we hope this never happens to you, we do want to offer some helpful tips, just in case. Read on as a Livonia, MI vet discusses what to do if your pocket pet escapes.


First, do a quick room-to-room search. Check under beds, sofas, and chairs, and beneath furniture. If you don’t find the little one, you’ll need to start a more intense search. Look under sofa and chair cushions, in bookcases, and in cabinets and drawers. You’ll also need to carefully go through your closet and cupboards. These tiny furballs can fit into some very small spots, so look in shoes, boxes, bags, and even under folded clothes. Use a flashlight to check dark areas.

Escape Routes

Check openings beneath and behind furniture and cabinets, and seal them off if you can. You’ll also want to block off spaces beneath doors.


Turn everything off, and make your home as quiet as possible. Listen for scratching, rustling, or any other sound that may help you locate your little buddy.


No luck? Set a trail of yummy treats out for your furry friend. Have the goody trail end a few feet in front of your favorite chair. Then, settle in to watch some TV. You just may look down and find your pint-sized escapee at your feet.

Enlist Help

If you have a dog or cat, your furry pal may also be able to lend a helping paw. Watch your four-legged buddy closely. If Fluffy seems very interested in an armchair, or if Fido is curious about something under the bed, well, you may have just found your tiny runaway. If you don’t find the little one by bedtime, confine your cat or dog to a quiet room that you’ve thoroughly searched. Set your kitty or pooch up with all their bedding, toys, and dishes, and shut the door.

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