Caring for Your Cat’s Teeth

Did you know that cats can develop some very painful dental problems? Dental trouble is no more fun for our feline friends than it is for us. Fluffy can’t call the dentist to make herself an appointment, however, so it’s up to you to take care of your adorable pet’s teeth, and watch for signs of trouble. In this article, a Livonia, MI vet offers some tips on caring for Fluffy’s teeth.


We know, not all kitties will go for this. However, many people are able to brush their pets’ teeth and live to tell about it. To get started, try dipping your finger in tuna water and rubbing your pet’s gums with it. This will of course be much easier if you teach your pet to accept the toothbrush while she’s a kitten, but you may be able to get your adult furball to sit still for tooth brushing. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Make sure your kitty always has fresh, clean water to drink. Many cats prefer drinking running water, so consider getting Fluffy a little kitty fountain.


Fluffy should see the vet at least once a year. During your kitty’s examinations, ask your vet to give her a dental checkup as well.

Proper Diet

Good nutrition is important for your cat’s overall health, but it’s also crucial to her dental health. Ask your vet for specific recommendations for your feline buddy.

Tartar Control Treats

Dental-formula treats are made to fight plaque and tartar, and can help keep your cat’s mouth healthy. Just keep in mind that these alone won’t be enough to keep your kitty’s mouth healthy. Of course, not all kitties like these snacks, so don’t be surprised if Fluffy turns her cute little nose up at these tidbits.

Warning Signs

Fluffy’s breath may never be minty-fresh, but it shouldn’t make you gag, either. Foul or fishy breath is a very common sign of dental trouble. Some other symptoms to watch for include drooling, a lack of appetite, crankiness, and poor grooming. Your furball may also paw at her mouth if her teeth hurt. Contact your vet immediately if your feline pal has any of these symptoms, or just isn’t acting like herself.

Do you know or suspect that your kitty has dental trouble? Contact us today! As your Livonia, MI animal clinic, we’re here to help.

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