4 Things You Learn When You Adopt a Cat

Are you considering adopting a kitty? Congratulations! Fluffy is bound to put lots of smiles on your face with her adorable antics and cute vocalizations. Kitties certainly have their own special magic. They also have their own laws! If you’ve never been owned by a cat before, you’re going to have lots of fun getting to know your new pet. Below, a Livonia, MI vet lists some things you learn when you get a cat.

Fluffy Is Always Watching

Cats like to keep a close eye on their human servants, and see what we are up to. Fluffy may follow you around from room to room, or hop into your lap the moment you sit down. Some kitties even follow their humans into the bathroom!

Cats Are Goofy

Every feline is unique, and they all have their own cute quirks. Some cats, for instance, like to curl up on their owners’ shoulders, while others may like to snuggle up with their human’s shoes. Fluffy’s adorable habits are one of the best things of being owned by a cat!

Sleeping Guidelines

If there’s one thing cats excel at, it’s napping. These drowsy little furballs typically sleep about 16 hours a day! Although cats can doze off pretty much anywhere, they do appreciate having soft beds of their own to snuggle up in. It’s also important to realize that some situations call for emergency naps. If Fluffy encounters an unexpected sunbeam, for instance, she may immediately sprawl out for a snooze. Cats are also preprogrammed to fall asleep whenever it starts raining, and upon encountering freshly-made beds, soft blankets, and open suitcases. Empty laps and recently-vacated chairs can also trigger naps.

Your Cat Makes The Schedule

Kitties live by their own rules, and they also set their own schedules. Your furball will decide when it’s time to cuddle. This may happen when you’re in the middle of doing something, but that’s only to be expected. (Of course, when you want kitty snuggles, your feline friend may completely ignore you. That’s just what cats do.) Fluffy will also let you know when she wants to play, and she probably won’t be shy about demanding her supper. As they say, dogs have owners, but cats have staff!

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